How to help a friend in need

  • We highly rely on our friends when it comes to needing help, and that includes emotional support during a difficult time. It would make sense for many adolescents to vent and speak to their peers about these situations they need help in. Many adolescents feel more comfortable with speaking to their friends about difficult times, but knowing when your friend needs help is where many have a difficult time understanding. 
  • It is hard to tell if your friend who is feeling sad or anxious is just being “moody” or if they are feeling something more. The biggest way to help your friend is listening to them, figuring out what to say to them, and most importantly when you should say it. This website will help you understand your friend more and ways that you can help, whether it is a major issue or minor one as well.
  • Created by Annabelle Shultz, Amanda Cook, Siena Laws and Lauren O’Neill for the course Educational Psychology 321.