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Orthorexia is an extreme obsession with ‘healthful’ eating (Koven & Abry, 2015)

Website by: Liv Thompson, Arielle Flaumenbaum, Keeve Zamora, Kelly Rash


Most common symptoms include:

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Compulsive/restrictive diets

These restrictive practices and diets that are often thought to promote the best health can be extremely dangerous to an individuals’ mental and physical health. Some of these restrictive practices include:

  • Limiting or completely eliminating foods that contain any animal products, fats, sugars, dyes, pesticides, and preservatives (Koven & Abry, 2015)
  • Obsessively consuming supplements and/or vitamins
  • Obsessive meal prepping (planning out/preparing meals in advanced)
  • Detox diets which aim to remove “toxic” or unhealthy build up within one’s body.

Creating self regulated rules surrounding food

  • Spending an increased/obsessive amount of time thinking about food
  • Experiencing severe anxiety surrounding the idea of food(s).
  • Exaggerating a fear of diseases that can occur if one is not at ‘optimum health.’
  • The feeling of impurity if the believed health benefits are not met.