Anxiety + Body Image

Teenage girls often feel a lot of anxiety that goes undiagnosed. It often manifests in body image issues. Follow the link for more

Depression in BIPOC Teens

Many teens experience depression, but BIPOC teens face unique struggles that impact their experience. Spanish translation provided

Helping a Depressed Friend

Have a friend showing signs of depression that you're worried about? This source is here to help. Follow link for more info

Navigating Orthorexia

Orthorexia is a commonly overlooked eating disorder. Here is more information for people struggling with understanding Orthorexia.

Young Girls and Puberty

Did you hit puberty younger than your friends? This website is here to help. We've got all the info you need. Link below:

Ethnic Identity

Ethnic Identity is something that develops over time in adolescents. Here we provide a thorough overview of identity research:

Friendship in Teens

Today, the process of friendship has changed with more diverse populations and more technology. Follow the link below for more: