There Can Be Problems…

Adolescence is a time for new experiences and new friends. Going into middle school can be a scary time as you are meeting many new people and experiencing many new things. Peer pressure and social media start to become a big part of your life. Boys start to come into the picture as well as more girl friends. As girls we mature a bit quicker than boys. We are exposed to the real world in a short period of time which can lead to more delinquent activity. There can be many reasons why…


  • Everyone fights with their parents every once and a while. When parents are authoritarian parents they value obedience and following the rules which may cause the teens to act out under such stressful pressure.
  • Teens raised in indifferent homes have a harder time in general. Constantly changing the environment someone calls home can cause a lot of stress. This can lead you to act out in many different ways.
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  • School is a huge part of growing up as you learn about math while also learning about yourself. You make new friends and learn the social structure of middle school. One of the biggest impacts on delinquent activity is your friends or just social life in general.
  • Early maturing in females is very common however, in later years we often find that this is often put on a spotlight for these young girls. The constant light on these girls who experienced development earlier on may also lead to delinquency. This change in body and maturity often blooms in middle school. 
  • Many people label a group of friends the “cool kids”. These are also the kids who are more into delinquent activities which make them seem cool and rebellious. 
  • With the rise in young adolescent delinquent activity in females a rebellious friend group is the main factor causing these behavioral changes.


It is okay to say no to doing things that aren’t who you are even if the “cool kids” are doing it. Just be who you are and stay true to that and you’ll find true friends who want the best for you!