Body Image
  • We all have been there… Why is my skirt not fitting…?Why is my body having all of these weird changes from my chest to my hips? Well here’s the deal.
    • As early as the age of 8, you might start to see some changes within your body. These changes may feel like they’re happening super quick. You may even feel confused or scared. But don’t be worried, this is simply a natural part of your body growing and developing. 
    • These developments likely are changes in your height, weight, breast growth and breast development. BUT YOU’RE NOT ALONE!
      • But no need to be worried! All girls go through this and we are here to help you through this transformational process.
  •  These quick changes you are experiencing can cause young girls like yourself to become very concerned about your weight. Even though your height and weight are completely normal! These developments tend to change how you look, but just know that everyone (including your friends!) goes through it.


    • Even if girls your age look different or are having changes that you haven’t had yet, just know that your time will come, and there is no need to worry or be scared that your body is changing, because it will continue to change your whole life.
  • Hormonal Acne:
    • Have you ever noticed some red marks or dots that you see on our face? Well this is called acne, and it all a part of the changing process you are experiencing with the rest of your body.
    • As you get older and into middle and high school, you will see girls wearing makeup, which may be one of the causes of these red bumps or blackheads to appear on your face.
    • There are many reasons that you might experience this acne:
      • Bad eating habits (“junk food”)
      • Makeup
      • ✰ Touching your face with unwashed or oily hands
      • Not properly washing your face daily ✰
      • ✰Hormones
      • Not drinking enough water (hydration) ✰
  • How We Can Help YOU
    • In order to keep your face as clean as possible to avoid these red marks and bumps it is important to ALWAYS wash your face, and stay clear of touching your face because, GERMS!
    • Eat healthy🥬🍏
    • Avoid these “junk food” that your parents tell you to stay away from 🍫🍬
      • Eat your greens, wash your face, and try not to touch your face without washing them first.


  • You are not alone, there are always people that can help you through this difficult and possibly weird process, such as your parents, teachers and close friends. 
  • No one in this world looks exactly the same, and YOU shouldn’t let this process get you down. As girls who have already been through this process we are here to help you know that this is all apart of the development process with becoming a young woman.