Hey girl! Have you felt like everyone has just been telling you how tall you are getting? Do you feel like you are taller than a lot of your friends? You are not alone! Read along to see why we grow, how fast this can happen, and what growing can look like!


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Why am I growing?

  • When you get to be a certain age, your body decides to grow! 
  • You grow and develop new body parts so that one day when you decide to have a baby, your body is ready!
    • Girls and boys who go through puberty grow as quickly as toddlers!
    • Girls usually grow their fastest when they are 11, and boys grow the fastest when they are 13!

How am I growing?

  • Growing new body parts and getting taller is what happens when you go through puberty! 
  • Your brain tells your body that it is time to grow by sending messages called hormones. The different kinds of hormones sent are what make your body parts grow! 
  • Sometimes when we grow, we feel weird! This is because not all of our body grows at the same time.
  • Our hands, head, and feet grow before the rest of us, which can feel silly! But don’t worry, the rest of your body will grow too and it won’t feel uncomfortable anymore!
    • Everybody grows at different times! Growing really early is okay and growing later than others is okay too!


  • A cool science study once wrote down information about girls ages 9 and 10.
  • They wrote information about the girls for 10 years! This means that they were being studied from age 9 to age 19!
    • What did the study find?
      • Girls who got their first period earlier than other girls ended up being 2.4 centimeters shorter than girls who got their period at a regular time!
      • Girls who got their periods early also grew the fastest in a shorter amount of time!

Trust me, I get it...

  • Growing early can feel weird because you are getting taller before anyone else! But believe me, I have gone through this too and everyone will catch up to you!
  • Remember, that you are beautiful no matter how tall you are or how much you weigh! Everybody grows differently!