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Website by: Hannahrae W.,Reece T., Aubrie H., Sam D.

Hey! Welcome to our site. This site is for young girls entering puberty maybe a little bit earlier than their other girl friends. Does that sound like you? If yes, we have a bunch of info we’ve put together and hope will help you navigate these changes a little better. Everyone matures at their own pace and everyone starts maturing at different times. All are okay! On the next four pages you can see info about ‘early maturers.’ You may be considered one if you got your first period before the typical age, which is about 12 years old. Or if you started developing breasts or pubic hair before that age. We’ll be adding in some personal advice and experience so you really know what’s up. Don’t worry girl. We got you.

First and foremost… please remember you are NORMAL. Starting puberty earlier than some of your friends isn’t weird. It’s natural! And don’t forget you are beautiful.